Moreton Island Daycation!

What do you do when semester finals are over and you haven’t properly celebrated your husband’s birthday yet? YOU GO ON DAYCATION!

Wanting to wait until Caleb was able to relax from studies, I booked us a little getaway for his early June birthday. It’s winter here in Australia, so while it’s a bit cooler (getting up to around 65ºF), the weather is still beautiful enough to get to a beach and spend some time out on the water.

Caleb’s a fan of animals so I wanted to plan something that would be fun for him and memorable for us both >>> whale watching!

From June through September each year, hundreds and hundreds of humpback whales migrate from the southern Antarctic waters up north to the warmer Pacific (I would too).  Amazingly, we were able to take a boat out to the open Pacific just past Moreton Bay and go scouting for these breathtaking mammals.


I booked through Tangalooma Island Resort, which I found based on TripAdvisor reviews. It didn’t disappoint. We were able to take a ride to Moreton Island in the morning and spend a few hours exploring the resort before our 12 o’clock whale watching tour.  It was so nice to spend some time together doing something new and fun after several weeks of GRIND.

**Side note– I’ve only ever been on boats that are for lakes.  I know that the ocean has waves, obviously, but I definitely wasn’t expecting the scale of waves we experienced on our way out onto the bay.  MY GOODNESS, I wish I would have gotten some video footage of this, but I didn’t. I’ll put it this way, they were handing out barf bags and people were fainting. We were fine, but I was certainly shocked.

Going out into the ocean, you can never be exactly sure what you’ll encounter,  but they guaranteed whale sightings or your money back, so I felt pretty confident. Plus, our boat was full of anxious and excited tourists which made it extra fun! When you look out into the open waters and realize how vast they are, think of how small your boat is in comparison, and then look at the spot on a map, I don’t know how your mind can’t be blown. This earth is enormous, spectacular, mysterious, and beautiful. I loved being able to share this experience with Caleb.

To see a shortened version of our day, watch the video I put together, and leave a comment for me, I just love your comments!

❤ Laura


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