Birthday Weekend Getaway

My recent birthday happened to fall on an Australian public holiday (ANZAC Day).  So, Caleb and I took full advantage of the three-day weekend and did some Queensland cruisin’.

I’ll let you know, in case you didn’t already, that the state of Queensland is larger in land mass than Alaska. So, yeah, huge.  We stayed 3 nights at the beautiful Mango Hill Farm in Peachester, a quiet little village in a region called Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

SAM_1498 13078223_3018673263720_1432221405_o SAM_1501 13078270_3018673423724_1665083608_o

We drove to the Glass House Mountains on Saturday. I really just wanted to go hiking and be outdoors for my birthday, so this was the PERFECT place to do that.

Taking a breather. Caleb free climbed up Mt. Tibrogargan. I climbed halfway 🙂


Then we found a little beach to relax at for a while. It was super windy so there were tons of wind surfers. Watch out if you ever go near them because those sails are larger and more unruly than they appear…


On Sunday, we spent some time with the farm animals! So many cuties.

SAM_1503 SAM_1502 SAM_1500 SAM_1499

Later, we drove further north about an hour to Noosa Heads. This beach is all the rage on any Sunshine Coast Google or Tripadvisor search.  One end of the beach runs into a nature preserve, the Noosa National Park.  We actually spotted a wild koala sitting high up in a Eucalyptus tree, but I didn’t take a picture because all we could see was his little grey bum 😉 We took a trail through the forest a little ways before finding a less-busy spot on the beach.

13090782_3018672943712_181189979_o 13072109_3018672903711_648495303_o 13091586_3018672543702_779817762_o

Even though we were exhausted from being out all day, Caleb had made a dinner reservation at a fancy restaurant back near our cottage. The Terrace of Maleny is a seafood grill with amazing food and even more amazing dessert. We shared an appetizer, had some main dishes, and of course, got lemon cheesecake flan to share for dessert. 13063893_3018672623704_1395281496_o


“Main course? More like, main obstacle to dessert.” -Caleb

Monday, which was my actual birthday, we took it easy all morning with no agenda, just enjoying the farm.  I had cooked all our meals for the weekend, except for the one fancy one, so we had leftovers for lunch (we always have leftovers when I cook). After we said goodbye to our wonderful host for the weekend, we decided we needed more treats. We took a detour up the hills to a cafe called The Edge. In the village of Montville, there are several shops lining the streets, very cute and quaint, and picturesque.

13090843_3018672463700_803842094_o 13090721_3018672423699_576246633_o13090652_3018672503701_689304630_o

We definitely made memories this weekend that I’ll hold onto til I’m old and grey.  It was so nice to be in a new setting (though we still brought work and school books with us) for the weekend. Thankful for these experiences, and I know there are even more to come!

❤ Laura


2 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend Getaway

  1. Donna Church

    So glad to see the beautiful places you enjoyed for your Birthday!!! Thanks for sharing such special memories.

    Love Donna & Al


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