The Swing of Things

Bonjour! G’day! Hola! and all other forms of greetings to you! *Bonus points if you share your fav greeting in the comments section*

maxresdefaultOur neighbors have some sort of flashing colored lights hanging off their back porch. They glow riiiiiiight into our bedroom, HOW CONVENIENT.  Hey, you know I’m usually up for a party but come on, it’s like a Griswold Christmas/disco extravaganza while I’m trying to get my beauty sleep. Wait, Confirmed!  That is an actual disco ball patio light. Okay.

We Stewarts are definitely into the swing of things here in Australia. We’ve been here three and a half months already!  I’m basically a pro at driving, other than that one time I 12891002_2979694969287_2709821942998805852_oscraped the curb…and don’t even ask me to parallel park (you try parallel parking while operating from the opposite side of the vehicle and then get back to me).  I also have a nice weekly flow of scheduled activities. My days are full of work, more work, cooking delicious meals at home so that we can keep our budget in check…discounting that one time I went on a Target and Kmart spree in one day.

**Side note – You guys, Kmart here is LEGITIMATE. Aussies even prefer it to Target, and I can see why. Their homewares section, decor, clothing–all the things we love about Target–are so great! U.S. Kmart should get with the program.**

Cute ad from Aussie Kmart



Caleb has finished midterm exams, and now has finals to focus on. He is a true champ at studying. He’s adaptable and always keeps a positive mindset. The good thing is, he also has a small group of peers that he sees pretty regularly for lab days, so they study together, toss ideas back and forth, and support each other.


In other news, my jobs are going so well! It’s funny how I took a hiatus from communications and marketing back home because there just weren’t heaps of opportunities there. But moving to a big city like Brisbane has allowed me to get right back into it! And I remember why I love this field so much. Even as I’m working at home in the evenings, Caleb can see how much I enjoy the work itself and he’ll say things like, “That’s your passion, isn’t it,” and I can look at him and laugh and say, “Yeah, I think so.”  I honestly think God knew that all along, and has opened doors for me to remember it.  Awesome.

We have some fun things coming up the next few months. My birthday is just around the corner and Caleb’s is the 1st of June.  Excited to share more as the activities commence! P.S. Apologies for not posting any new videos yet! I have been so busy with work, but I still plan on videos in the future!

❤ Laura




5 thoughts on “The Swing of Things

  1. Donna Church

    Well hey y’all!!! So good to hear things are “beaming” in your world!!!!
    Really awesome to see God’s plan at work in your lives.
    Continued prayers of blessings.
    Love ya!
    Donna &Al


  2. Suzy Quick

    Salutations! I so love reading the updates on your life ‘down-under’. Kudos to both of you for walking in faith and obedience, and keeping such a positive attitude. Miss seeing your smiling face, but I can’t wait to see what God has planned for your future.


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