Cosmetic Contradictions

I feel a need to comment on some recent observations and how confused I’ve become by women and their projections of “true” beauty.

My head is spinning just trying to figure out where/how to get started.

I have seen so many posts on Instagram feeds of really beautiful young women exemplifying how to create an awesome makeup look or intricately braided hair tutorial, etc.  I honestly find these types of posts entertaining, sometimes helpful, and I follow a fair amount of these kinds of ‘grammers.  Caleb playfully razzes me for following them because he’s simply not as naive as I am with these things. I’m really starting to see his point.

Too often, I find myself stepping up to the mirror after watching a video or seeing a photo and reciting a mental list of things that I’m not happy with about my physical image. Ugh.

We all have room for improvement; it’s great to have physical goals and be fit…that’s not what I’m speaking into here. What I’m talking about is being confident and happy and THANKFUL with the physical features that God created you with.

I’m talking about noses, and teeth, and lips, and eyes, and the list continues.

Wearing some makeup and having cute hairstyles is one thing, but over the past several weeks, I have seen some of my favorite Instagram beauty bloggers come out, posting to their audiences about how they’ve had this or that procedure done to their face or body.

And I’m ALWAYS surprised! But WHY!?  Should I really be surprised?

The more I think about it, the more contradicting I realize these women and their positions are. All of them, at least all of the ones that I follow,  speak a message of self-worth and loving your body. They say things like, “You should never compare yourself to others. Just be YOU.  Be happy in who you are” (yeahRIIIIIIIIGHT).  Here are some examples of what these women have done to themselves:

Blogger 1:  Breast enhancements

Blogger 2:  Lip injections regularly, eyebrow and lip tattoos

Blogger 3:  Porcelain veneers, breast enhancements

Blogger 4: Porcelain veneers, botox

These women range in age from 21-28.

I understand that there are real needs for some people to have their teeth fixed , but COME. ON. These girls are YOUNG and sincerely just want the cosmetic enhancements made.

I’m not shaming the act of doing these things themselves really either—-to each her own.  But if I am calling anything out, it would be these two things:

  1. Beauty bloggers who have legitimate businesses, making money, while sending confusing and contradicting messages to their audiences of young girls everywhere (saying “Love your own skin,” then having massive cosmetic procedures done). They honestly may not even realize the fact of the contradiction. >>>IDK, I’m a little naive. But really, this is all just an extension of the main stream beauty industry.
  2. Myself, for falling into the trap of believing that these bloggers are somehow more “real” or “natural” than models on TV or whatever.  Also, for ever thinking that my own skin is not pretty enough, tight enough, full enough, dark enough, bright enough. WHAT!?  What is “enough” anyway?  Tell me who judges that line?  You can’t. It’s a trap.

As I encounter these types of women through social media, the more and more I see that physical “beauty” truly is a business; a marketing ploy. Seriously, every time I heard another one of my favorite, positive-image-proclaiming bloggers came out with a, “My Experience with (insert cosmetic procedure)” post, my heart sank a little.

Am I going to stop following them? Ehhhokaaaay, probably not, maybe. But what I will do is take into account that just about nothing is what it seems.  ESPECIALLY when it comes to “beauty.” ESPECIALLY in social media.  Duh. I thought we all already knew this. Apparently not me. K.

It can seriously be easy to fall into the the flow of being obsessive about your looks if you’re alive today. It’s fun to get prettied-up and take care of yourself, but it’s also important to remember that there’s a balance beam with these kinds of things.  Don’t fall off the edge!

❤ Laura



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