The Blog I Almost Published

One week ago my outlook seemed quite different than it does here and now.  Since we moved to Brisbane (and even before that), I had been job searching as if that WAS my job. This time last week, I almost published a blog updating you readers on how things were going in that area of life since so many people had been asking.  But, for some reason I didn’t post it.  Instead, I published my “Leap Year Resolutions” post which made me completely redirect my focus for the better. (If you haven’t read that one yet, you can do so here).  Honestly, I was getting to the point where I didn’t even want to discuss what was going on.  As selfish as that may be, if you’ve ever gone through an extended difficult period, you may know what I mean.

I will spare you the entire post, however, here is an abridged excerpt from the draft I had saved:

“I’m not talking about this to complain or even for sympathy.  I’m just sharing my life and being real with you all because that is what I purposed this blog for when I began it.  I love to be positive, but life isn’t flawless.  And I don’t want to pretend to be that.  The past couple of weeks I had some promising job interviews, and last week, in particular, showcases what I meant when I said it’s been a little ‘up and down.’ …Scenario #3:  Job through a different recruiting agency for a legal assistant position with a public law firm.  **I have experience working in a similar position so I was completely comfortable going for the role.**  I got an interview, met with the company, all was great.  The next day my recruiter calls me and says things are looking promising.  Fast forward three days–she calls and asks if I can start on Monday, it looks like they’re ready to hire me.  GREAT!  Fast forward to half an hour after that– she calls me back again with ‘unfortunate news.’ (AT THIS POINT I’m pretty sure I just hung my head, so, good thing she couldn’t see me).  Turns out the department at the firm went through some last-minute changes and decided they didn’t want to fill the open position anymore.  BON little stinkin’ VOYAGE, LAURA LOU.”


As you can see from that bit, I left out scenarios #1 and #2 of the week.  It’s really just been an avalanche of rejections for several weeks now…fun.  However, none of that matters anymore because I have just had my first Aussie pay day!  I have a job!  Two jobs, actually!

Job #1 was lined up because of a connection through my church group.  The position really opened up at a prime time, and I’m thankful for that person thinking of me for the role.  Job #2 was lined up initially through a family member back home.  Isn’t that CRAZY!?  I come all the way to Australia, and through U.S. connections (some of whom I have not even met and ‘know’ me solely based on word-of-mouth reference and my paper resume), obtain a job here.  I can’t wait to share more about the awesome opportunities that are foreseen within the role, but until then, let me share some things I’ve learned:

  1. My time table for life events often forgets to factor in inevitable waiting and patience. <–Unapologetically personifying my time table for life here.  Just kidding, it’s completely my doing.  It is good to have goals and timelines, but it’s not so good to let those things run your life because if you do, there will be loads of discouragement and you will NEVER be satisfied.
  2. Just because I am working hard on my own, doesn’t mean God has forgotten about me.  In fact, I think that when we work hard on our part, while acknowledging the need for Him along the way, He provides what we need every single time. Never fails.  And many times, as I am finding out, what He has in store is far more satisfying than what I could have planned out myself.  I’m not saying that all my job searching prior to this has been in vain.  I believe God will use any situation in life to remind us He is here and He cares.  Isn’t it interesting that both of these jobs have been provided in ways that did not involve me scouring the internet and sending massive applications?  It’s more than interesting to me.  The way these events have unfolded has shown me that He definitely HASN’T forgotten about me, just that He is turning the next pages in the story He wrote about me before I was even born. Yes, I whole-heartedly believe that, though at times I forget it for anxiety, or fear, or lies that I choose to believe out of my human nature.  #WorkingOnIt #TheStruggleIsReal
  3. Prayer is real and effective. I’m not going to finish this one without acknowledging all the prayer that has been going up for me. WOW.  Just think about that for a second.  To know that so many people literally all over the world have been praying for my situation…it’s incredible.  I believe that when we pray, God can see our hearts and knows our faith.  I don’t understand everything about God’s plan or even the depths and dimensions of prayer itself, but He has made promises, and in my experience, He always keeps them.

Basically, my life is about to get verrrry busy, and I am thankful.  Work is what I needed and I have been given two opportunities to gain experience in many aspects.  If God can provide for me in this way, think of all the things he can provide in your life!  He wants to be the provider, and it’s good to let him know that we trust him to be that.  It’s tough, it’s even crazy, but it’s the best crazy I’ve ever experienced.

❤ Laura




5 thoughts on “The Blog I Almost Published

  1. donna church

    So happy for God blessing you abundantly with 2 jobs. His ways are not always our ways but he will deliver in his timing and plan. I pray for much success with your new jobs. Looking forward to your next blog. Prayers and hugs to you both.
    Donna & Al


  2. Jane Harris

    So happy that God has answered prayer in your life! Everything in his time! God is good! I have prayed some prayers for you since you have been gone and will continue to do so!


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