My Funny (and cheap!) Valentine

And not “cheap” in a bad way… Caleb and I shared a fun Valentine’s Day together, while not spending much money. Our plan worked well for us because I’m still job hunting and, you know what? Luxury gifts just aren’t on our radar.  There’s so much to do and see in a city like Brisbane, even if you’re on a limited budget.

Valentine’s day (or weekend) doesn’t have to be about spending tons of moolah on each other. I’m not saying that exchanging gifts is a BAD thing, it’s really nice, actually. But did you know that there are an estimated five different love languages? And each of us adheres to one or some of them more than others. (For more on that click –> here).

I wouldn’t say it’s necessary to completely define yourself by your top of the 5 love languages, because I believe that we all express a mixture of them. However, I do think it can really helps get the message “I love you” across when you start understanding and implementing the love languages that best strike a chord with your spouse.

I’d like to think I  have tried to do this with Caleb, and I can tell he does the same for me. It’s interesting and fun learning each other in that way. Honestly, we never took a test or course for these love languages, but after reading about them, they have become more evident through the time we’ve spent together as a married couple. The best thing is, when you have a partner who lives out their vows to you, any day at all can be like a Valentine’s Day. BUT, I’m all for a public holiday that celebrates love, so without anymore sappy chatter, here’s how my BFF (boyfriend forever) and I spent our Valentine’s Day:

River City w Boat

Side note** With school just starting for Caleb, his schedule now consists of class or reading and studying. He’s been waking up super early and staying up late in order stay on top of his readings, so that he could have a free day to spend with me.


We hopped a bus downtown and checked out the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. Some of you out there may not be into that sort of thing, but Caleb and I like the atmosphere. One of the very first dates we had together was at a similar type of art gallery in Indianapolis. We enjoy looking at the exhibits, and Caleb has a keen sense of interpreting meaning from artwork. This gallery was 3 levels, full of beautiful exhibits and creations, and oh yeah, free.

After we had our fill, we took a lovely stroll down the river bank to the lagoon at South Bank. Okay, this is seriously one of the coolest things I’ve encountered. It’s a manmade lagoon right on the edge of the Central Business District (meaning, all the city skyscrapers can be seen right across the river). Just off the beach there are shops and restaurants, making it a really nice oasis on a hot day. It has lifeguards and even water park features for kids. And, oh yeah, it’s free.

River View with Wheel


Next: After we people-watched at the beach for a while, it was time for Caleb’s designated gift to me. The conversation in the days leading up to this may have gone something like:

Me- “Hey what are we gonna do this weekend?”

Caleb- “Well, we better get you some chocolate.”


So, I bring to you, the amazingness of:

Max Brenner Choco Bar

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar is located just near the South Bank beach, and the line for this place is usually nearly out the door.

Choco Vat 1
Giant vats of chocolate…
Choco Spouts
…that pump through the store, directly into these spouts.

Coming here is a chocolate lover’s dream. This was our splurge of the day because we bought and shared a dessert together. It was called the Chocolate Mess Party for Two, and it looked like this

Valentine Sundae
It came with a spatula, so yeah.

Even though neither of us really like sprinkles, it was worth them, to get to the decadent chocolate sponge cake that sat beneath those huge piles of ice cream. It was served in a large tin, with chocolate sauce floating all around it like some kind of chocolate moat heavenly dream.

Cabe laughing
speaking of heavenly dreams…

Don’t worry guys, I had my fair share. #DietStartsMonday

Next:  After we devoured the chocolate sundae, it was time to go back home. We were ready to cozy in for the rest of the evening, but our Valentine’s day didn’t stop there.

Since we indulged ourselves in the late afternoon, we weren’t really hungry for a big dinner (even though I was planning on cooking). So instead, Caleb ate stir fry leftovers and I ate chips and salsa from the pantry (how romantic!). Guys, you make your OWN Valentine’s day however you want it.

We ended out the evening together with my gift to him– a movie I purchased on iTunes that he had been wanting to see for quite a while. We could have gone out to the movie theater, but staying home to watch it was more comfy and cheaper, which again, I’m all about.

So you see?  It can be fun to celebrate your love for each other. It may take a tiny bit of planning, but really doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Valentine’s Day doesn’t even have to be about romantic love. Use the day to visit or call up your family members and remind them how much you appreciate and love them. Spend some time with a grandparent or help them out with chores at home. We like to give and receive gifts, but there are tons of ways to express love, so get creative! Be extra sweet to each other, and remember where love comes from in the first place ❤



(1Corinthians 13:4, John 3:16)



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