2 Week Aussie Update

It’s hard to believe it’s already been two weeks since we moved, but it has definitely been an eventful two weeks!

Our first week here, the North and West Australian Nazarene District Assembly took place right here in Brisbane.  The Chapmans, who we have been staying with at the moment are highly involved with the district, and so when they invited us to come, of course we said yes!  It was really inspiring and sweet to see how God is working in this part of the world (we also met tons of new friends!).  When word got around that I sing, I was recruited for the worship band, where I led worship with a very talented family of musicians who are originally from Samoa.  Something made apparent at the assembly is that Queensland is a rich cultural melting pot. Several nations and cultures were represented in our group of about 100 people.  There were native Australian, Samoan, U.S. American, British, Scottish, Papua New Guinean, Korean, and surely more that I’m forgetting.  Beauty was everywhere, not only in the nature and setting, but in the people we met.


The Chapmans (Emman, Jade, Caleb, & Savanna Zoe) have been so incredibly hospitable to Caleb and me since we’ve arrived. From picking us up from the airport, to letting us stay in their spare room, eating meals with them, allowing us to use their car to get things done, we have really been treated like family. We truly don’t know how we would have started out here without the support of this family!  Aside from all the practical ways they have been here for us, they have also strived to make these first few weeks really fun!

“Big Caleb” and “Little Caleb” walking together at the park
Caleb and Savanna Zoe playing with “Sylvanian Families” animal dolls

A few days after we got here, we went to a couple of really pretty beaches nearby. It was nice to play in the sand and waves, and we topped off the day with local fish n’ chips (which was a highlight for Caleb).

Calebs in SandWave on BridgeSavanna in SandKite SurfingFishn'Chips

House hunting for renters is intense and competitive here in Brisbane. Since we were looking for a furnished apartment near campus, it was even more competitive.  After lots of inspections, we were approved for the one apartment Caleb really had his eye on from the start!  We are very happy to have found a place close to public transportation and also close enough to campus that Caleb can bike to and from.  It’s a quiet neighborhood right near the river.  It’s cozy, but cute; and we don’t need much. (Pictures on that to come in the future!)

In other exciting news, Caleb has been able to connect with the researcher who wanted to work with him before.  He has Caleb all set up to work in the labs milking venom from various insects (Awesome!).  Caleb has also had a good time explaining the procedures to Little Caleb and Savanna Zoe back at the house.  They love science and nature too, so it’s been great conversation!  While this is a relatively new field of research, venoms have been showing some real uses worldwide in treating major diseases.  It will be neat to see where this research goes in a few years, and to look back and say that Caleb got to be a small part of it.  We’re so thankful that he is already doing meaningful work and making good professional connections before school even starts. School begins February 8, which is also the date I am legally allowed to start working here.  I’ve been looking and applying, and praying the right job is mine come that time!

On UQ Campus

What would you all like to see in upcoming posts?!  First time trying Vegemite? Koalas and Roos? Let me know in the comments section, I’ll see what I  can do 🙂


❤ Laura





2 thoughts on “2 Week Aussie Update

  1. donna church

    I love hearing about your new adventure. So good to see how God is working in your lives. Praying for the right job for you. Take care.
    Love and prayers
    Donna & Al Church


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