Google Maps

Alright, I know I’ve still got a couple months in Indiana before we take off for Earth’s underbelly. However, let me just be real for a sec, sometimes I get anxiety. Especially at night around, say, 10:30 when I’m trying to relax and go to sleep. Not helpful. The other night’s Dream du’ Jour could have been titled “Tiny Tube in the Sky Going 550 mph Over Thousands of Miles of Ocean.”  Scary enough in itself, no? It’s pretty amazing to think about, and I’ve even been over the ocean a couple of times, but never the Pacific Ocean.  I usually love flying, but there’s just something about that side of the world (probably the lack of land, comparatively) that kinda creeps me out.  Thanks to most of all world maps I grew up using, that part of Earth was just NOT EMPHASIZED too much, and now I’m going to be spending roughly 13 hours zooming across it. Nice.

When speaking to my mom about the anxieties her response was, of course, what I would expect from my mom, which is probably what I needed, which is probably why I even brought it up to her…

“Laura, we do not live lives of fear. We live knowing we are protected. The Lord      has organized a plan for you and you will be safe.”

Always reminding me of the truths I already believe but choose to forget sometimes. Pulling out her sense of humor and practical concern for me AND for Caleb, she did add, “You could always get yourself a Xanie!”

I feel like lately I’ve just been looking at Google Maps and any globe I can find so much, just in amazement of our nearing reality and all the possibilities attached to it.  I think I’ll be okay with the flying part once the time is actually here. But meanwhile, anyone have tips or helpful habits to deal with flight fears? Post to my comments and help a girl out 🙂

❤ Laura, MedWife Down Under


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