Midwest goes Outback

Welcome to the blog! I’m Laura Stewart and my husband, Caleb and I are about to embark on a big journey together.  Throughout the past year, Caleb applied to medical schools. (To get the scoop on those details as well as our marriage story, click here). From the point of sending out applications until now, it has been interviews, letters, emails, contact with schools, waiting, waiting…waiting; until one glorious day, Caleb got an offer to a med school! If you may not know, this process is a tireless cycle of jumping hoops to be executed with the utmost precision and promptness–to say the least.

It can be an emotional roller coaster. But those of you who have done it and have received an offer, or know someone who has, ya feel me!? The joy!

Okay here’s where things get interesting. In case you haven’t noticed the theme of the blog yet, WE’RE MOVING TO AUSTRALIA! 


Upon Caleb’s acceptance to the University of Queensland, we have been very busy making arrangements, applying for overseas travel and work documents, finding housing, you know, the fun stuff. The good thing for Caleb is that I actually love planning and organizing details…I mean I’m basically like his personal assistant, which is good because he can focus on his studies instead of, “Oh, where am I gonna live, or “Oh, I don’t have any food in the pantry.” He wins because he can spend more time studying, I win because I love helping the Cause; we both win.  The way this particular program works is: Caleb will study two years in Brisbane, then complete the next two years of clinical rotations back in the States at a chain of hospitals in New Orleans. Then it’s off to residency, but that’s a discussion for another time. We plan to move in a few short months!

Now that you know our big announcement, I’d like to fill you in on why I’m choosing to write about this time in my life. I love my husband, and Caleb and I have amazing friends and a very supportive family.  I am so grateful for God’s provision and where He has placed us for this time.  It is my hope that by writing this blog, a community of women (and men) in a similar position to me can congregate to read, discuss, vent, share, and celebrate our journeys together. I also know this will be a place where my family and friends back home can catch updates and get a view into life on the other side of the world!  I hope you’ll join Caleb and me as we journey to Australia for our biggest and most challenging adventure yet!

❤  Laura Stewart, MedWife Down Under.


4 thoughts on “Midwest goes Outback

  1. Donna &Al Church

    So excited for you both! We will keep you in our prayers as you begin this exciting journey. Congratulations to Caleb on his acceptance to med school! I know you two will enjoy this new adventure!


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