Our Humble Beginnings

Fairy tales, romance, Prince Charming–I’ll take it all please! I’d like to give a little background on who I am and what’s going on.  Caleb’s and my marriage is fresh and still very new. We currently have a little house in the mid-west that we worked really hard to fix up. Shout out to all our family and friends who helped with the house:)

From the beginning of our relationship, Caleb and I  both knew that our road to together-ness would not be easy. Caleb made it clear to me that his biggest goal in this chapter of life was to get into medical school so he could become a physician. At that point I was like, okay how hard could this be? Let me tell you, it is difficult. And when you want to be as involved in the pursuit as I, for example, opted to be, it can become all you think about.  Caleb finished up his undergrad a year after I did, I relocated from Tennessee back to my hometown in Indiana, and a few months later, we got engaged. 

Seems simple, right? Don’t get me wrong, yes Caleb had tons on his mind, but all along the way he helped make our long-distance relationship one of the most treasured times in my life up to this point. Meantime, he was taking practice exams, studying most of each day, and also trying to be involved with the planning of our wedding. The hours and efforts used on studying for the MCAT were only a precursor to the time and effort it would take to actually apply to schools when the time finally came. We spent hours on the phone together (we were still long-distance at that point) going over school options, filling out forms, proofreading the countless essays required for each step of the way. It was hard work, but I honestly loved the fact that I was there as a small part of this goal with him from the beginning, so-to-speak. It’s amazing the bond and sense of mutual accomplishment that a couple can feel when goals are reached with each other’s help. I highly recommend trying it out:)

Fast forward to last September when all of Caleb’s medical school applications had been sent. He had moved to Indiana, started a new job, we got married–not to gloss over that important detail, our wedding was wonderful!– and moved into our new house.

Bridesmades: Keira, Katie, Kylie, Stephanie, Allison, Kathryn, & Jordan
Them boys though… Brent, Brandon, Jared, Caleb, Brody, Josh, David, & Jon
My daddy praying over us.
Our wonderful parents!


Since then, we have been anticipating a move for medical school, and have just been enjoying our first year of marriage together while we have the time to focus on really building up the foundation of our marriage BEFORE things get really crazy with school. I’m so thankful that God gave us this time instead of just getting married and jumping straight into school. As I mentioned before, Caleb and I were mostly long-distance during our dating relationship and engagement, and we never lived with each other before our marriage. We had (and still have) tons to figure out about each other but the free time we have had to spend together this past year has been so important for us. I could not be more proud of the persistence and devotion Caleb has shown through all of the uncertainties this one year alone has thrown our way. Can’t wait for what’s ahead! 


One thought on “Our Humble Beginnings

  1. sgpeachey

    Love this Laura…how special to record it now. We will love hearing of your journey and praying over both of you. Don’t hesitate to share prayer requests! Love you, Uncle Steve & Aunt Gail


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